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Ledgle Comparison List

Ledgle Table Lamp 8W LED Desk Lamp, 3 Lighting Mode, 5Dimmer, Built-In Clock, Calendar, Thermometer

Ledgle Table Lamp 8W LED Desk Lamp, 3 Lighting ledgle

Ledgle® - One World, One Light.
More Than Just a Lamp
The comprehensive backlit display makes for a modern look while constantly displaying the current time, temperature and date for convenient reference. This lamp eliminates desk clutter with multifunctional practicality. It features a customizable alarm clock for perfect timing and subtly placed USB port for charging your personal devices.
3 Modes with 5-Level Brightness
The LED lamp is equipped with three different color temperature ledgle.

Ledgle Table Lamp 8W LED De ledgle Features

  • LCD FUNCTION: You can press "down" for 3 seconds to turn on/off the LCD screen.Includes a digital clock for time, date and temperature display. Set an alarm or time for your lighting with minimal desk clutter.
  • EYE CARE: Bright and eco-friendly LED lighting with an anti-glare shade. 5 levels of adjustable brightness for clear reading and studying without eye strain.
  • THREE MODULES: 3 colors temperature available(Warm White/Nataural White/Cold White) for work(office), reading(study), relaxation(bedroo

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Ledgle Led Grow Light 300W Full Spectrum UV IR Plant Grow Lamp for Indoor Greenhouse Garden Plants Veg and Flowering

Ledgle Led Grow Light 300W Full Spectrum UV IR ledgle

LED Power: 50x6W
Input Voltage:AC85-265V
Switch-Leaf Spectrum:
Veg (Croissance) = Red: 630nm/Blue:430nm/Blue:450nm/Blue:470nm/ White: 4000K/White: 7000K/White: 12000K/ IR(infrared Ray): 730nm
Switch-Bloom Spectrum:
Bloom (Flowering) = Red:660nm/Red:630nm/Orange:610nm/Yellow:585nm/ Royal Blue:430nm/UV:410nm
Fans Quantity: 2 quiet cooling fans
Working Temperature: 0-131 Degress Fahrenheit
Dimensions(LxWxH): 11.88" x 6.68" x 2.6"
Warranty: one year warrant ledgle.

Ledgle Led Grow Light 300W ledgle Features

  • 6W LED grow light with crystal plus lens design, which is much brighter than 3W and 5W LEDs.
  • 2 selectable Leaf/Bloom switches for different growing stages.Coverage Area: 3feet x 2feet for veg stage / 2feet x 1.5feet for flowering stage.
  • 11 bands full spectrum: 650~660nm, 620~630nm, 610~615nm, 585~595nm, 520~530nm, 460~470nm, 440~450nm, 420~430nm, UV, IR and white.
  • 2 quiet cooling fans,aluminum from inside and outside for heat dissipation. Protecting diodeds are added to make sure one chip o

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Ledgle Neck Book Light LED Reading Lamp Rechargeable, Hands Free, 4 LED Bulbs, 4 Adjustable Brightness, USB Cable Included for Reading in Bed or Reading in Car

Ledgle Neck Book Light LED Reading Lamp Recharg ledgle

Ledgle®- One World, One Light.
Our new coming rechargeable neck book light will bring you extraordinary lighting experience.
With special hands-free design, this unique neck light is much more helpful to operate when your hands are full.
This multi-functional reading light is suitable for reading, night jogging and mending.

-Brand: Ledgle
-Material: rubber& built-in lithium battery
-LED beads: 4
-3 Brightness Level: spot light on ledgle.

Ledgle Neck Book Light LED ledgle Features

  • This neck book light is made of high end rubber, durable and flexible.
  • The reading light has flexible arms, easy to choose the best angle for your various needs in different environment
  • 3 Adjustable Brightness: spot light only; flood light only; spot light& flood light. Easy to create the perfect brightness for reading in bed or reading in car
  • It's a rechargeable reading lamp, with inbuilt lithium battery, about 3 hours charge for 6 hours working time, enjoy more lasting and stable light

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Ledgle LED Light Bulb A19 Dimmable, E26 Remote Control RGB LED Light 5W Color Changing Smart Bulbs

Ledgle LED Light Bulb A19 Dimmable, E26 Remote ledgle

LEDGLE® - One World, One Light.
This remote control color changing light bulb works well as a mood light. You can change freely the color and mode as you like.

Our LEDGLE bulb is perfectly suitable for home use, commercial use, decorative lighting, mood lighting and landscape lighting, etc.

If you want to know more details or have any questions, please look through the detailed page or contact the customer service.

- Brand: ledgle.

Ledgle LED Light Bulb A19 D ledgle Features

  • Convenient to Use- The remote distance of the controller is 6-8meters
  • Memory Function- This LED bulb can memorize the set color or mode before the power is off
  • 4 Lighting Modes & 16 Colors- Flash/Strobe/Fade/Smooth, it has amazing performance as a mood light
  • Energy-saving- This 5W LED bulb is equivalent to a 40W incandescent, but the energy consumption is much lower
  • Wide Application- Ideally color changing light bulb for home use, commercial use, decorative lighting, mood lighting a

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Ledgle Essential Oil Diffuser 400ml Wood Grain Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Mist Air Humidifier with 7 Color Changing LED Lights/ Auto Shut Off/ 4 Timer Setting

Ledgle Essential Oil Diffuser 400ml Wood Grain ledgle


Ledgle® - One World, One Light.

Our Ledgle Essential Oil Diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporize the water and essential oil in the water tank, preventing dry, stuffy air, unpleasant smells and germs, as well as soothing the mood, dry skins and sore throats.

Easy & Safe To Use
-Double-button operation. Worry free from the shut off bother with the Auto Shut-Off function when water runs low, enabling a peac ledgle.

Ledgle Essential Oil Diffus ledgle Features

  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - Vibration at a frequency of 2.4 million times per second. Ultrasonic atomization without radiation humidifies air conditions quietly and releases negative ions into the air to prevent germs.
  • EASY TO OPERATE - One button sets the mood lights, and the other sets mist diffusing as 1 / 3 / 6 hours or continuous ON mode for using all day or all night(maximum 7 working hours).
  • COLORFUL MOOD LIGHTS - 7 colors with 2 lighting modes(Red, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple and

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LEDGLE LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit Counter Lights Bar for Closets, 12W 950 Lumens, Warm White 3000K, Accessories Included, 3 Pack

LEDGLE LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit Counter L ledgle

LEDGLE®- One World, One Light.
The superior under cabinet strip light set will fulfill all your lighting needs. What's more, we provide enough accessories for you to install.
Equipped with a special switch button, it's more convenient to control the light as you wish.
Aim to save energy for you, our product needs less electricity than ordinary light.

-Brand: LEDGLE
-Material: aluminum
-Input voltage: AC 85V-265V
-Output Voltage: 12V
-Color t ledgle.

LEDGLE LED Under Cabinet Li ledgle Features

  • High Efficient & Energy Saving- The whole set of under cabinet light is 12W 950LM. Color temperature: warm white, 3000K. The energy consumption of our cabinet light is equal to traditional 30W light bulb. Capable to provide comfortable and warm light.
  • Aviation Aluminum- Ensures better heat dissipation effect and longer working life and prevent the light from rust and fading effectively.
  • Easy to Install- 2 installation ways: using the DC adapter to connect the strip light; using the connectors to co

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LEDGLE 5W Solar Fountain Pump Garden Water Pump for Courtyard,Maximum Flow 380L/h

LEDGLE 5W Solar Fountain Pump Garden Water Pump ledgle

Q:Some customers said in the review that the pump stopped work for using a short time, why?

A: To , please notice the tips below:
1. This pump could work well in full sunshine, when there is no enough sunshine, it may stop working.
2.Please make test run to empty the inner air before using the water pump and putting it into water.
3. Please don't put this into the dirty water and keep it regular cleaned, to avoid stoppage.

LEDGLE®- One World, One Light.
This ledgle.

LEDGLE 5W Solar Fountain Pu ledgle Features

  • Energy-saving & Eco-friendly-Powered by solar panel, no charger and electricity needed, the stronger the intensity of sunshine is, the higher the water sprays
  • High Efficiency & Strong Stability-Automatically run and pump water easily. Made up of polycrystalline silicon and ABS, safe and reliable for the added durability
  • Easy To Install & Convenient To Disassemble-No screws and no plugs required, totally hassle-free. It¡¯s flexible that you can move to different locations as you like
  • Multi

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Ledgle Led Aquarium Light Dimmable 300W Reef Aquarium Led Lighting Full Spectrum with Crystal Lens for Fish Tank/ Coral Reef Growing

Ledgle Led Aquarium Light Dimmable 300W Reef Aq ledgle


--The largest feature of this led aquarium light is Dimmable and Crytal Lens.
--Two separate dimmers, power cords, on/off switches to control the blue and white channel, adjust the light intensity in your tank, simulating sun-set, sun-rise, day and night natural growing environment.
--Dimmer Blue (30 LEDs): 470nm blue, 450nm royal blue, 660nm Red, 525nm green.
--Dimmer White (30 LEDs): 13000K cool white, 6000K cool white, 4000K warm white, 470nm blue, 450nm royal blue.
--U ledgle.

Ledgle Led Aquarium Light D ledgle Features

  • A(FB)60X5W) Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light can work looks like sunrise and sunset,it can meet different Grow Stages of the Fish Tank,Coral and Reef
  • Two separate dimmers control light intensity from 0% to 100%, no flicker and jitter, to keep the light quality more stable.
  • Specialized spectrum for SPS/LPS coral reef and fish tank aquarium:470nm blue, 450nm royal blue, 660nm Red,525nm green,13000K cool white, 6000K cool white, 4000K warm white.
  • This light adopts upgraded brand new crysta

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LEDGLE 9W Dimmable LED Table Lamp Eye-caring Reading Lights, 7 Modes, Large LED Panel,2700-6000K

LEDGLE 9W Dimmable LED Table Lamp Eye-caring Re ledgle

LEDGLE® - One World, One Light.
All-round rotatable design allows you to adjust the best lighting angle as you wish.
48 bright LED beads emit soft and anti-dazzle light, which can protect your eyes effectively, 7 brightness modes and 4 working modes ensure multiple choices for you to choose from and high-end aluminum brings superior heat dissipation effect. All the exquisite details do a great contribution to the overlong working life, which can reach up to 50,000 h ledgle.

LEDGLE 9W Dimmable LED Tabl ledgle Features

  • 48 Super Bright LED Beads- Ensure anti-dazzle and radiationless light, which will keep your eyes safe effectively.
  • 7 Brightness Modes & 4 Working Modes- Simple touch on the touchpad will change the brightness and working mode to meet your various lighting needs conveniently. 4 working modes: adjusting color temperature (Warm White/ Nature White/ Daylight White), studying, reading, relaxing.
  • Rotatable Design- 270° rotatable lamp, 150° rotatable lamp arm and other adjustable parts allow you to get

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Wooden Foldable LED Book Light, Ledgle USB Rechargeable Creative Night Light Bedside Lamp Table Decorating Lamp Best Gift Light (WarmWhite)

Wooden Foldable LED Book Light, Ledgle USB Rech ledgle

Ledgle®- One World, One Light.

Tired of your single and boring table lamp?
This superior and multi-function LED night light will take you into a whole new lighting world, which is a book shaped lamp with creative ways to display.
Creating a romantic and cozy atmosphere, this wooden book lamp can be placed in your bedroom, living room or dining room, also can stick to iron table or desk for your various lighting needs.

Material: white mapl ledgle.

Wooden Foldable LED Book Li ledgle Features

  • FOLDING DESK LAMP -Being able to fold right back on itself, build up 360 degree lighting as you like, create various shapes to be a decorative light
  • WIRELESS & RECHARGEABLE-Powered by inbuilt lithium battery, connect with the USB cable to your computer or your mobile power adaptor USB port, about 5 hours, you will get a fantastic book lamp
  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT-delivers unparalleled strength with light enough material, convenient to throw into your bag like a book, easy to carry around, great for

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